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Letter from the CEO

To lab leaders, innovators, forward-thinkers —

You work each day to speed your laboratory efficiency, elevate its value within your organization, develop both your staff and your clinical partnerships and ensure forward-thinking choices. And you do all of this while never losing sight of the most important people your efforts touch—patients.

At Roche, we believe that kind of work deserves more than a thank-you.

That's why we created LabLeaders.com. I've been asked many times, "What is LabLeaders.com?" I explain to people that it is our response to a repeated request from our customers: "How can you help us with challenges we face that are reshaping the way we practice our profession?"

Our answer was to create a forum that brought together nationally recognized experts in fields like informatics, quality, pathology, operations, finance, leadership and more. LabLeaders.com lets you share game-changing insight on how far you can reimagine the critical role of the laboratory during a critical juncture in healthcare.

As a father, I know the worry that comes with questions about the health of your family. And as a leader of a diagnostics company, I know the difficult, precise and important work that takes place between a health question and an answer. At Roche, we believe it's time for those who work "behind the scenes" in healthcare to enjoy expert support and advice from their peers and some well-earned time in the spotlight.

I hope you'll navigate this site, take time out for yourself and learn from some of the best in your business on how to own this moment within the healthcare evolution for your lab, now and in the future.

Thank you for all you do each day to improve the lives of patients. On behalf of Roche, I want you to know that you're not in it alone.

Jack Phillips

President & CEO

Roche Diagnostic Corporation