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Empowering consistency and workflow with
automated slide staining and ready-to-use reagents

The VENTANA BenchMark Special Stains system combines automated individual slide staining with a comprehensive assortment of ready-to-use assays, for a complete special stains solution. The BenchMark Special Stains slide staining system saves technician time by automating common tasks such as baking, deparaffinization and staining, while ready-to-use assays improve technician safety by reducing exposure to harmful chemicals and promote fast, accurate, consistent, results — run after run, slide after slide, day after day.

BenchMark Special Stains Instrument

Bring a powerful solution to the professional pathology lab with the fully automated Benchmark Special Stains slide stainer. Save time and improve results, while gaining the flexibility to run multiple protocols at the same time. The Benchmark Special Stains slide stainer eliminates manual processes and temperature dependencies to deliver consistent high-quality stains.

Special Stains Kits

BenchMark Special Stains staining kits empower fast, reproducible, high-powered stains with ready-to-use, quality-controlled reagents. Flexible protocols allow a broad range of options to achieve desired staining results.


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