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High-throughput brightfield scanning platform

With a throughput of ~80 slides per hour at 20x and an intuitive user interface, the scanner design is targeted towards speed, efficiency and flexible workflow.

Improve Efficiency

High-speed, high-throughput scanning with 360-slide capacity increases productivity.

Optimize Workflow

Continuous random access and STAT slide override allows users to prioritize and change workflow at a moment’s notice.

Enhance Flexibility

Users can customize profiles of frequently seen cases, utilize 1D and 2D barcode reading and choose 20x or 40x magnification.


VENTANA iScan HT scanner

Enable exceptional care while providing an optimized lab workfl ow for faster patient results.

  • Digitize a high volume of slides with walk-away automation
  • Novel slide-handling design
  • True continuous access
  • Exceptional images with cutting-edge optics
  • Flexible workflow
  • Manage worklist in real time
  • Fully integrated with the VENTANA Virtuoso software
  • View crisp, high-quality images with Image Viewer

Transform your lab with Roche Digital Pathology solutions

Support an automated, optimized digital pathology workflow and enhance reliability with the VENTANA iScan HT slide scanner. Integration with the VENTANA Virtuoso image and workflow management softwareprovides advanced fl exibility and effi ciency to help you create and manage exceptional high-quality digital pathology images. Transform your lab with digital pathology options from Roche, the global leader in anatomic pathology.

Digitize a high volume of slides with walk-away automation
  • 360-slide capacity
  • 80 slides per hour at 20X; 50 slides per hour at 40X
Novel slide-handling design
  • Vacuum slide handling ensures slides are handled safely
  • Robust design allows for continuous operation
True continuous access
  • Decoupled slide loading and unloading maximizes throughput and workfl ow
  • Innovative slide loading provides continuous slide access without workfl ow interruption
Exceptional images with cutting-edge optics
  • Cutting-edge optics minimize the need for slide rescanning, allowing you to efficiently generate accurate results the first time
  • Ability to image multiple layers using volume scan technology ("Z-stacking")
Flexible workflow
  • See the status of slides and racks at any time
  • Ability to automatically read 1D, 2D and 2D417 barcodes enables a streamlined workflow and mitigates labelling and user transcription errors
Manage worklist in real time
  • Automatic STAT reprioritization allows for workflow changes in real time
  • Real-time editing of scan settings and rack order for racks in the worklist
Fully integrated with the Virtuoso software
  • Images are sent automatically to the Virtuoso image server after scanning
  • The unique slide identifier is sent to the Virtuoso software and used to associate the slide images with the correct case information from the LIS
View crisp, high-quality images with Image Viewer
  • Integrated with Image Viewer for comprehensive image viewing and annotation capabilities — including measurement tools, free-hand mark-up and text fields
  • Images can be viewed at magnifications up to 80X (achieved with digital zoom)

VENTANA iScan HT Slide Scanner Technical Specifications

General characteristics

Slide format 25–26 mm x 75–76 mm microscope slides
Slide capacity 1 to 360 slides
Scan magnifications 20X and 40X, with 80X digital zoom
Barcode capabilities 1D and 2D (DATAMATRIX, QR code and PDF417)
Light source Integrated LED
Auto scan Automated barcode reading, tissue identification, focus, scanning and image compression and generation
Manual scan User-configurable scan area for slides in the manual mode
LCD 10.1 inch diagonal full color display
Scan viewing 24-bit true color
Slide storage format Customizable to BIF and TIFF

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