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Diagnostic confidence with clinically validated VENTANA image analysis algorithms

Improve Clinical Confidence

Using the algorithms enables a pathologist to make consistent, objective interpretations, thus reducing both intra- and inter- observer variability in interpretation.

Comprehensive, Integrated, Single-Source Solution

With assays, reagents, automated staining platforms and digital pathology tools from one trusted global provider, you can be sure of a well-supported solution that provides reliable, validated results through our growing portfolio of key breast cancer biomarkers.


The most advanced, clinically validated pathology solutions

Roche was the first company in the industry to offer a comprehensive breast portfolio. Our full breast panel includes HER2 (4B5), ER (SP1), PR (1E2), Ki-67 (30-9) and p53 (DO-7) image analysis algorithms for use along with their accompanying VENTANA IHC assays.*

All IHC breast markers in the VENTANA portfolio have both image analysis and digital read applications available for use with the iScan Coreo slide scanner. There are two intended uses:

  • Clinical use of the software algorithm to semi-quantify the biomarker
  • Digital read to manually read and score the biomarker using a computer monitor

*Algorithms are for use only on the iScan Coreo scanner.

Roche offers VENTANA image analysis companion algorithms for the five key breast panel biomarkers

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Estrogen Receptor (ER) (SP1) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm p53 (DO-7) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm HER2 (4B5) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Progesterone Receptor (PR) (1E2) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Ki-67 (30-9) image analysis software

Companion Algorithm breast panel image analysis
Algorithms HER2 (4B5) image analysis software
ER (SP1) image analysis software
Ki-67 (30-9) image analysis software
p53 (DO-7) image analysis software
PR (1E2) image analysis software
Digital slide scanner iScan Coreo slide scanner
Image management software Virtuoso software
Regulatory status FDA 510(k) cleared
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