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The Accutrend Plus system: Two vital numbers, in about three minutes

Cardiovascular disease is the #1 killer in the United States, early CVD risk detection can help to save lives1. The CLIA-waived Accutrend Plus system is one meter delivering both total cholesterol and glucose test results providing immediate, actionable information.

Trusted Technology

The Accutrend Plus system uses the same meter and strip technology that healthcare professionals have trusted in the ACCU-CHEK® InstantPlus since 1997.

Fast, Reliable Test Results

Total cholesterol in 3 minutes; blood glucose in 12 seconds.

Safety Features

Onboard QC; out-of-meter dosing; room temperature test strip storage.

Industry-Leading Features

Large, easy-to-read display; sleek ergonomic design; and enhanced memory, storing up to 200 results.

1. Roger, V. L. et al. “Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics – 2011 Update.” Journal of the American Heart Association. http://circ.ahajournals.org/content/123/4/e18. Accessed 31 October 2011. Page 4.


Product Demonstration

Accutrend Plus: For the determination of total cholesterol and glucose in capillary whole blood.


Accutrend Test Strip Specifications

Specification Accutrend Cholesterol Accutrend Glucose
Sample volume 15 - 40 µl 15 - 50 µl
Test time for results 180 sec. 12 sec.
Measuring range 150 - 300 mg/dl 20 - 600 mg/dl
Accuracy y = 1.057x - 14.9
r = 0.920
y = 0.973x - 0.4
r = 0.988
Precision CV LO = 2.9%, x = 203
Range 173 - 224 mg/dl
LO = 2.5%, HI = 2.4%
Reference method Hitachi CHOD-PAP Hitachi Glucoquant, hexokinase
Storage conditions Room temperature Room temperature
Test strip shelf life from date of manufacturing 18 months 18 months

Accutrend Plus Meter Specifications

Measuring principle Reflectance (660 nm)
Sample type Fresh capillary blood
Coding Barcode
Size 154 mm x 81 mm x 30 mm
Power supply Four AAA batteries
Battery life > 1000 tests
Memory capacity 100 values for each parameter

Ordering Information

Product Catalog Number
Accutrend Plus Meter Kit 05346754160
Accutrend Plus Glucose test strips (25/vial) 11447475160
Accutrend Plus Glucose controls 05213231160
Accutrend Plus Cholesterol test strips (25/vial) 05213312160
Accutrend Plus Cholesterol controls 05219957001

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