The ACCU-CHEK Inform II system offers innovation designed to help you give your patients the best care possible—the kind of innovation that really matters.

  • Results in 5 seconds from 0.6 μL sample
  • Wireless transfer of patient data (when enabled)
  • Centralized control of test strip lot data
  • Easy-to-clean, durable housing
  • No maltose, xylose or oxygen limitations

Barcode Scanner (laser)

The integrated barcode scanner can be used to read operator and patient IDs and helps ensure the right operator is performing the right test on the right patient.

Test Strip Port

Insert test strip here. This is the only opening on the meter, helping to simplify cleaning and protecting internal components.

Touch Screen

Touch a button to easily navigate between screens and enter data, answer prompts or review results.

On/Off Button

The On/Off button turns the meter on and off.

Base Unit

Charges meter battery, communicates with meter via infrared window, and provides bidirectional communication with POC data management system via USB or Ethernet port. Unique design helps prevent pooling of liquids and minimizes additional cords.

Base Unit Status Display

Red (steady): Power on, application starting.
Red (flashing): Error.
Green: Ready.
Blue: Configuration mode


Sealed Battery Pack

Raised contacts let battery recharge when meter is in base unit.

Reset Button

Resets device without altering configuration.