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The ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro lancet is designed with safety in mind


Retractable needle meets OSHA requirements which helps reduce accidental fingersticks and enhance infection control.

Economic Value

Helps reduce liability risks and other costs linked to incidents of cross-contamination; simple two-step function means minimal training required.

Safety-engineered lancet for enhanced staff and patient safety

The Clinical Challenge

Staff and patient safety is a top concern for every healthcare facility. Minimizing health risks faced by workers and patients due to exposure to bloodborne pathogens is also part of complying with stringent OSHA directives.

The Clinical Solution

The ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro lancet is designed with special internal safety tabs to prevent reuse, and meets OSHA requirements mandating "safety-engineered" needle devices to reduce such risks.1

This easy-to-use, single-use lancet adds protection by permanently retracting into its protective case after use, preventing accidental fingersticks. And the ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro lancet delivers the blood sample you need to perform the test your patient requires.

From the moment you choose to use it until the moment it’s discarded, the ACCU-CHEK Safe-T-Pro lancet meets safety standards expected from you, your patients, and staff — and OSHA as well.

For more information download the full brochure.

1. www.osha.gov/SLTC/bloodbornepathogens. Accessed 10/26/2011.

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