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A complete digital pathology solution, from image management
and analysis to customized reporting

VENTANA Virtuoso software combines rich functionality with an easy-to-use interface to deliver a complete digital pathology solution, from image management and analysis to customized reporting. View, annotate and analyze slide images anytime, anywhere.

Enhance Patient Care and
Patient Safety

Timely, efficient access to slide images enables real-time collaboration, with faster turnaround for second opinions. Integration with VENTANA VANTAGE software provides efficient data entry and specimen tracking.

Increase Flexibility

Distributed pathology workflow enables remote viewing and case sharing, while role-based portals enhance ease of use.

Improve Clinical Confidence

Using the algorithms enables a pathologist to make consistent, objective interpretations, thus reducing both intra- and inter- observer variability in interpretation.

Comprehensive, Integrated, Single-Source Solution

With assays, reagents, automated staining platforms and digital pathology tools from one trusted global provider, you can be sure of a well-supported solution that provides reliable, validated results through our growing portfolio of key breast cancer biomarkers.


Virtuoso Software Features

Image management
  • Anywhere, anytime thin client image viewing
  • Microscope-like viewing interface that includes panning and zooming of an image at various magnifications
  • Easily note measurements, add and save annotations for slide images
  • Enable a “Tracking” feature on a slide thumbnail to track previously viewed areas
  • Export images for use in presentations and collaboration sessions
Consultation and second opinions
  • Host and invite colleagues to a virtual peer review session to share and view cases in real time
  • Create real-time collaboration sessions with chat functionality for simultaneous case review
  • Share cases and set user-defined levels of access
  • Navigate, view, pan, zoom and annotate images collaboratively
  • Online resources with cases and digital slides can be a valuable adjunct to traditional journals and books
  • Build online assessments for candidates taking qualifying professional examinations
  • Share images and rare cases with large groups simultaneously
Image analysis
  • Companion Algorithm software assists in semi-quantification of IHC stains
  • Side-by-side slide and synchronized image viewing are available for slide comparisons
  • Potentially reduce intra- and inter-observer variability in scoring difficult markers
Digital sign-out
  • Eliminate glass slide logistics and reduce turnaround time
  • Histotechnologists can review slide images to check staining quality, slide preparation and image quality prior to releasing them to the pathologist
  • Save time for the pathologist by flagging potential areas of concern
Archival and retrieval
  • Instant retrieval of images and associated data with comprehensive search capabilities
  • Permanent record for both originating institution and referring sites
  • Online, near-online and offline storage options
Flexible reporting
  • Full-color comprehensive reports with images
  • Option to send information to LIS for report generation
  • Case and specimen reporting capabilities
Additional workflow support
  • Access to gross images and requisition forms
  • Support for case amendments and addendums
  • Integrate with leading LIS

Companion Algorithm Features

The most advanced, clinically validated pathology solutions

Roche was the first company in the industry to offer a comprehensive breast portfolio. Our full breast panel includes HER2 (4B5), ER (SP1), PR (1E2), Ki-67 (30-9) and p53 (DO-7) image analysis algorithms for use along with their accompanying VENTANA IHC assays.*

All IHC breast markers in the VENTANA portfolio have both image analysis and digital read applications available for use with the iScan Coreo slide scanner. There are two intended uses:

  • Clinical use of the software algorithm to semi-quantify the biomarker
  • Digital read to manually read and score the biomarker using a computer monitor

*Algorithms are for use only on the iScan Coreo scanner.

Roche offers VENTANA image analysis companion algorithms for the five key breast panel biomarkers

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Estrogen Receptor (ER) (SP1) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm p53 (DO-7) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm HER2 (4B5) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Progesterone Receptor (PR) (1E2) image analysis software

The VENTANA Companion Algorithm Ki-67 (30-9) image analysis software

Companion Algorithm breast panel image analysis
Algorithms HER2 (4B5) image analysis software
ER (SP1) image analysis software
Ki-67 (30-9) image analysis software
p53 (DO-7) image analysis software
PR (1E2) image analysis software
Digital slide scanner iScan Coreo slide scanner
Image management software Virtuoso software
Regulatory status FDA 510(k) cleared

Recommended Specifications for PCs Used to Connect to the Virtuoso Software

Client Workstation Specifications Minimum Recommended
Processor 1 Ghz processor or higher  
Memory 4 GB  
Monitor Resolution 1680x1050  
Network Connectivity 100 Megabit Ethernet NIC Gigabit Ethernet NIC
Network Bandwidth 1.5 Mbps 20 Mbps
Operating System Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Professional
Supported Browsers Internet Explorer 8.0, 9.0, 10.0
Mozilla Firefox 31 ESR (Extended Support Release)
For best performance, Internet Explorer 10.0 and Firefox 31 ESR are recommended.
PDF Reader Adobe Acrobat Reader 11.0.06 for generating reports in PDF format  

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