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Elecsys® ToRCH Panel

Provide reliable prenatal screening with an extensive panel.

Roche offers a complete ToRCH panel that combines high clinical sensitivity with specificity.

These assays can be run as a complete panel or individually.

What is ToRCH?®

ToRCH is an acronym of the five infections covered by the panel:

Other diseases, including HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B
Rubella (German measles)
Herpes simplex

Use a complete ToRCH panel that offers multiple benefits

Greater efficiency
Consolidation of ToRCH panel on cobas® immunology analyzers
Fewer confirmation tests
and fewer reruns

Highly specific assays
Complete detection
Simultaneous analysis of infections that could result in acute congenital infections of newborns
Fast reporting
Results in as little as 18 minutes

To learn more about our entire portfolio,
Download the Roche Infectious Disease brochure.

Infectious Disease Portfolio


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