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The cobas c 513 analyzer is a dedicated high-volume HbA1c testing solution.


Up to 400 HbA1c tests an hour, the cobas c 513 is the fastest analyzer on the market.


Fully automated and highly efficient workflow which minimizes operator intervention from sample registration to result delivery.

Accurate Results

Roche Tina-quant HbA1c Gen.3 assay is standardized against IFCC & NGSP reference method.


cobas® c 513 rack loading and unloading area

c 513 rack loacking and unloading area
  • Rack loading area capacity: 30 racks
  • Rack unloading area capacity: 30 racks
  • Dedicated STAT port

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cobas® c 513 Technical Specifications

Test throughput Up to 400 samples/hr
Number of channels 60 reagent cassettes
Sample material Whole blood, hemolysate
Sample input/output 150 sample loading capacity, 150 sample unloading capacity
Sample pipetting 1.5 to 25 μL, in 0.1 μL increments
System interface RS-232C serial interface; ASTM protocol
Sample database 12,000 results
Tube type Most commonly used 13 x 75 mm, 16 x 75 mm
Electrical requirements 208 V AC, 60 Hz
Operating conditions Bacteria-free, deionized water 35 L/h when in operating in ambient room temperature 59.9°F to 89.6°F
Physical dimensions
  • Depth: 44.9 in.
  • Height open: 53.5 in.
  • Width: 85.4 in.
  • Weight 1,102 lbs.

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