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Efficient, accurate retrieval and disposal

The cobas p 501 post-analytical unit is sample storage, retrieval, and disposal at its very best. Automating sample archiving, add on, retrieval and disposal.

Efficient retrieval
for add-ons

The cobas p 501 automatically delivers the requested samples for add-on testing directly to your analyzer or for retrieval in 5 position racks.

Environmentally controlled

All samples are stored at a temperature range of 4° to 8°C, monitored continuously for quality, and then disposed of after the predetermined duration.

Connected or standalone

When used as a standalone system or connected system, the cobas p 501 post-analytical unit is best-of-breed in its category.

User-defined storage duration

Customers define sample storage durations, and samples are automatically disposed of after short- and long-term storage timeframes elapse.


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cobas® p 501 Technical Specifications

Advanced robotics store, retrieve and dispose of samples accurately and efficiently.

Input / Output Samples can be loaded individually on a Roche 5 position rack or on high throughput input tray up to 300 samples. Empty racks are conveniently sorted by rack range.
Optical Machine Vision The rack and tube identification camera determines:
  • Tube diameter
  • Tube height
  • Presence of a cap
Recapper / Decapper Open samples are closed using a flexible archiving cap which fits both 13 mm and 16 mm sample tubes. During the retrieval process samples can be opened, if desired.
Refrigerated Storage The walk-in refrigerator is designed for samples to be accessed at any time. Optimal storage conditions are maintained by real-time temperature monitoring (4 - 8º C). Two storage capacity options are available:
  • cobas p 701 post analytical unit: up to 27,000 tubes
  • cobas p 501 post analytical unit: up to 13,500 tubes
Automated Disposal Samples are automatically disposed based on customer defined short and long term storage timeframes. The waste container is monitored for fill rate and is easily transported for final disposal.
MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS connection The cobas p 501/cobas p 701 post analytical units can be connected to the MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICS system. When connected, samples are automatically loaded and can run up to 400 samples per hour. The system can also operate on a stand alone basis where samples can be loaded manually in Roche 5 position rack.
Operator Interface The operator interface is designed for ease of use via a touch screen, color coded alarms, and simple system performance information at your fingertips. An articulating arm offers flexibility by allowing movement of the monitor in multiple locations.

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