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Working with Roche

Working with Roche


Our goal is to create a relationship with our suppliers and customers that provides mutual satisfaction and long-term mutual benefit. This section provides information about our expectations, requirements, and procedures to conduct business with Roche Diagnostics.

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Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal

Working with Roche

Roche Diagnostics recognizes that suppliers are a vital link to our success. This website will inform you about our supplier expectations, requirements, and procedures to conduct business with Roche Diagnostics. By achieving TRUSTED SUPPLY .... ALL THE TIME, we can create a value chain relationship that will provide customer satisfaction, sustainable competitive advantage and long-term mutual benefit.

Invoicing Requirements

Roche's expectations are that suppliers submit invoices via email (pdf format) to indianapolis.paymyinvoice@roche.comwith the subject line of: {Initial Invoice "insert invoice number" "insert supplier name"}.

All submitted invoices must contain the following requirements:

• Vendor Name
• Invoice Number
• PO Number
• Amount Due
• Invoice Date
• Purchasing Company
• Purchasing Co. (contact)
• Terms (w/ discount offered)
• Item Description
• Quantity/Price Info

Invoice Receipt and Payment

Invoices will be paid according to contractual terms, including pre-existing Purchase Orders (PO). Invoices against a Roche Purchase Order must meet the following requirements:

• Purchase Order number must be on the invoice.
• Purchase Order number must match a valid Roche Purchase Order number.
• Supplier must only bill for shipped goods/services as directed on the Purchase Order.

In certain instances, a PO is not required. If you do not have a PO with Roche, please ensure that the Purchasing Co. (contact) is included on the invoice.

Proper invoice submission is important to ensure that your invoices are processed timely and accurately. Incomplete or missing information may result in delay of payment or cause rejection of invoice.

Invoice/Payment Inquiries

Any inquiries regarding an invoice or payment must be submitted to the following:

Phone: 1-877-906-8979
Support Hours: Monday–Thursday, 8 am EST–6 pm EST; Friday, 8 am–4 pm EST

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Roche Supplier Code of Conduct
Supplier Change Request Form

Performance Guidelines

Supplier Performance

Roche Diagnostics highly values the relationships we have with our many supply partners. The ultimate success of Roche Diagnostics, our customers, and our suppliers is directly related to creating an optimized supply-chain relationship, wherein the flow of goods is timely and of superior quality. As part of our ongoing commitment to excellence in all aspects of our business, we regularly measure, review and improve the supplier performance via the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard process. This closed loop system allows for continuous improvement in performance by targeting key performance metrics, establishing clear performance targets, measurement/feedback of actual performance to target, and finally, analysis and action to close any performance gaps.

Scorecard performance is also a key consideration in awarding future business, and in making supply base consolidation decisions. The expected performance level (level 4) for each metric is shown on the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Scorecard Example (PDF: 66 KB). The purpose of the Supplier Scorecard is to define the measures of performance used to evaluate the supplier base. These measures apply to all suppliers who provide direct material for Roche Diagnostics. They are an important part of overall supplier management and prioritization of activities towards improving quality to our customers. On time performance, Quality reliability, and Quality issues are used in the overall assessment of the supplier's performance.

Supplier Corrective Actions

If supplier related quality issues arise, Roche Diagnostics drives analysis and correction of the problem via our Supplier Corrective Action Request process. A Supplier Corrective Action Request can be issued based on three possible circumstances:

  1. In response to a supplier audit where the audit rating of either "Approved-Needs Improvement" or "Not Approved" is identified and a formal corrective action is warranted.
  2. In response to significant event(s) that have a broad impact and require immediate attention. Example: Failure to comply with stated specifications or a manufacturing failure due to nonconforming raw material. In addition, field failure data or other types of defect analysis may identify latent defects and warrant a formal corrective action.
  3. In response to supplier performance metrics or other data that shows performance trends.

This Supplier Corrective Action process is initiated by the Roche Diagnostics Supplier Development Engineer (SDE). The SDE will forward the Supplier Corrective Action Request form (DOC: 75 KB) describing the issue, to the supplier Quality representative. RDC's expectation is that a thorough root cause analysis, corrective action plan, and validation plan be developed for each issue. The required supplier response time is less than 15 days for routine issues.

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Shipping & Receiving Requirements

Roche Diagnostics' policy is to accept only goods and services that have authorization (Purchase Order or Procurement Credit Card Number) before starting services and/or shipment and receipt of goods. The Purchase Order number should always be referenced on packing slips and all invoices. If a Roche Diagnostics' Procurement Credit Card was used, the words, "Credit Card" and the Roche Diagnostics' employee's first initial and last name should always be referenced on the packing slip. If you do not have authorization from a Roche Diagnostics' representative, we may choose (i) not to accept and return the goods, freight paid by you or (ii) not to accept services and reject any invoices.

Roche Diagnostics' Supplier Shipping Requirements Procedure (PDF: 416 KB) provide guidelines for packaging, labeling, and shipping materials to the Roche Diagnostics-Indianapolis facility. These guidelines will achieve optimum quality deliveries that are free of damage and have proper part identification and labeling consistency. If you have questions about the Supplier Shipping Guidelines (including pallet, container, and labeling), please send an email or call 317-521-2000 and ask for the Receiving Department.

Roche Diagnostics' Standard Freight term is FOB Ship Point - Freight Collect, 3rd party billing unless otherwise agreed to in a contract. Only Logistics and Procurement departments are authorized to change freight terms.

If you have questions concerning the Routing Instructions and matrix, general transportation topics, or service related problems with our carriers, please contact our Traffic Department at 317-521-4676 or by email.

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Supplier Diversity

As a regular and ongoing part of our business practice and sourcing strategy, Roche Diagnostics is committed to the principle and practice of partnering with United States Small businesses. This includes businesses classified as Small and those that are owned and operated by disadvantage, service-disabled veterans, veterans, minorities, women or those located in a historically underutilized business zone (HUBZone). Partnerships with such organizations are an integral part of our supply base. Supplier Diversity adds to our competitive strengths and creates our unique culture as a business enterprise.

Roche Diagnostics uses the United States Federal Government definitions for Small, Small Disadvantaged, Women-owned, HUBZone, Service-disabled Veteran, and Veteran owned small businesses as established by the North American Industry Classification System - NAICS codes). Once you know your NAICS code, the Table of Size Standards is located on the Small Business Administration's (SBA) website. If you cannot determine your NAICS code, please contact your local SBA office.

Please click herefor a copy of Roche Diagnostics' certification requirements for Small, Small Disadvantaged, Minority-owned, Woman-owned, HUBZone, Veteran-owned, and Service Disabled Veteran-owned businesses. If you want to be considered for bid opportunities, please send an emailwith your company's contact information.

We use the System for Award Management (SAM) U.S. Governmentand the Small Business Administration's Dynamic Small Business Searchdatabases as search tools. We may not have a current requirement for your capabilities and we may not know when such a requirement will occur. However, once a need has been identified, a Roche Diagnostics employee will contact you with bid information.

Roche Diagnostics strives to improve our procurement activities with all Small businesses. Our commitment is demonstrated by attending various match-making events and other Small business networking and training forums to educate and expand our purchases with Small businesses.

In 2015, over 40% of our U.S. based spend was with Small businesses and over 10% was spent with the various categories within Small businesses. Our 2016 and beyond Goals are to increase our spend and opportunities with all Small businesses.

If you have any questions about our Supplier Diversity initiatives, please send an email to Roche Diagnostics Supplier Diversity.

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Roche Terms and Conditions

Please find below the Roche supplemental documents to the Roche Master Product Agreement.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions (as of 2016)



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Electronic Commerce

What is Electronic Commerce?
The use of computers and electronic communications to conduct business transactions between trading partners. It may include any form of electronic media, such as fax, email, EDI, online ordering, or Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

What is EDI?
Electronic Data Interchange is a method in which business data is represented and electronically exchanged using national or international standard formats such as ANSI X12 or EDIFACT.

How can EDI/Electronic Commerce help our customers?
Savings can be achieved by reducing the amount of data entry and errors caused by manual processing and miscommunication. Work processes are improved as a result of less paper handling and filing, more efficient workflows, and fewer mistakes..

To Learn More
Browse other areas of our web site or submit a Contact form.

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Global Healthcare Exchange, LLC

Global Healthcare Exchange, LLCThe Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX) is Roche's preferred Exchange for Hospital customers.

GHX provides suppliers and providers with a single source for transacting via e-Commerce. GHX serves as the intermediary in taking orders from providers, sending the orders to suppliers, and returning order confirmations from the supplier to the provider. The overall objective of using GHX is to provide consistent, reliable, and cost-effective e-Commerce processing between Roche and our customers.

For information on the benefits of GHX and how GHX works, please visit the GHX website.

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EDI Transactions

Roche Diagnostics currently utilizes the following transaction sets. Click on the transaction number below to view or download the Roche specifications for the specified transaction. All files are in Adobe Acrobat format (.pdf).

Transaction Sets

A transaction set is a meaningful unit of information that is exchanged between trading partners. There are more than 300 transaction sets in the X12 standard, including purchase orders, invoices, and many more. Each set is represented by a unique number - for example, an 850 is a purchase order.

Roche's preferred standard is ANSI X12 version 4010.


Transaction Set (.PDF) Transaction Name Benefits to Our Customers


Avoids errors and provides method to automatically feed the accounts payable system

Product Transfer Account Adjustment (Chargeback)

Reduces manual processing and cost associated with paper processing
Price Authorization Acknowledgment/Status Synchronizes contract information
Response to Product Transfer Account Adjustment Allows for electronic reconciliation of chargebacks
Purchase Order Faster, more accurate delivery of orders for immediate processing

Purchase Order Acknowledgment

Allows visibility to initial order status


Advanced Shipping Notice Notification of product shipment that provides for proactive planing.
Product Transfer and Resale Report Reduces manual processing and cost associated with paper processing

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Roche Diagnostics offers a variety of options to connect electronically with our trading partners. Our connectivity options, in order of our preference are described below.

For other connection options, please submit a Contact form

Roche is an official McKesson Certified e-Commerce Trading Partner and can accept orders electronically from their users. To learn more about McKesson Provider Technologies, please visit their website.


Applicability Statement 2

Applicability Statement 2Applicability Statement 2 is one of the many connection options offered by Roche Diagnostics and is our preferred connection method.

What is AS2?
Developed under the Electronic Data Interchange-Internet Integration (EDIINT) Charter, Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) is the communication standard used to securely transport all types of business data, including EDI and XML, using the Internet rather than over a dedicated network.

Benefits of AS2:
• Improved Industry Metrics
• Network Cost Reduction
• SME Enablement
• High Level of Security
• HIPAA Compliance
• UCCnet Connectivity


Secured FTPSecured File Transfer Protocol

Secured File Transfer Protocol is one of the many ways to connect with Roche Diagnostics and is our second preferred connection method.

What is Secured FTP?
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is an internet protocol used for transfering files to and from remote computer systems on a network. Secured FTP builds on this foundation by using encryption techniques to make sure the files and data are secure.

Benefits of Secured FTP:
• Encrypted
• Eliminate third party
• Secure
• Direct connection
• Low cost


Value Added Network (VAN)Value Added Network (VAN)

Utilizing a Value Added Network (VAN) is another way to connect with Roche. A VAN is Roche's third preferred connection method.

What is VAN?
A Value Added Network (VAN) is a computer network owned and operated by a third party who also provides additional "value," i.e., they maintain the network, administer it, provide services not available from common network carriers, etc, usually for a fee. Some examples of VANs include GEIS, Bleinschmidt, AT&T, HARBINGER, Advantis, MCI*net, and ARI Network Services.

Benefits of VAN:
• Widely used
• Ease of implementation
• Convenience of scheduling connections
• Additional services available by provider
• Pay for only services utilized
• Reasonable cost
• Number of providers available

VAN Resources:
For VAN connections, Roche Diagnostics utilizes the services of Sterling Commerce.


iStock_000016695833XSmall.jpgFrame Relay

Frame Relay is another way to connect with Roche Diagnostics. It is Roche's least preferred connection method.

What is Frame Relay?
A high-speed packet-switched data communications service, similar to X.25. Frame relay is a leading contender for LAN-to-LAN interconnect services, and is well suited to the bursty demands of LAN environments.

Benefits of Frame Relay:
• Low overhead
• Ease of implementation
• Reliable data transfer
• Reasonable cost

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Key Information

Key InformationAs Roche Diagnostics undertakes developing improved e-Commerce processes, we would like to keep our customers updated on our progress. Below you will find important information regarding Roche EDI processes.

It is important to Roche that your electronic transactions fulfill the same expectation as previous phone and fax transactions. Therefore, we want to reiterate how our system will handle some specific types of criteria. By informing you, we hope that you can educate your purchasing department to know when to contact customer service to facilitate special accommodations for the occasional, extra-ordinary order.

If you have questions pertaining to the criteria below, please contact Roche Customer Service (800-428-5076) before transacting electronically so that a common understanding can be reached.

The accuracy of the data fields is critical in order to successfully process electronic transactions.

  • Ship-to Code

When the account number is used as the ship-to code in the ANSI X12 data, the N1(ST)04 is used to determine address information and pricing on the order.

  • Product ID

We ask that all customers make an effort to cleanse their product or catalog data with routine updates. Roche also utilizes other product code formats such as UPC and NDC. For customers who utilize the services of GHX and the AllSource catalog, contact 1-800-YOUR-GHX. For all other customers, please contact Roche Customer Service (800-428-5076) for assistance.

Product ID/ Unit of Measure (UOM)
We ask that all providers make an effort to cleanse their data with routine updates.

Pricing and Terms
Roche does not process expected price or verify terms; this means that pricing and terms will be applied as defined in your contract (if applicable) and/or within Roche's system, not as requested on individual purchase orders. If you have questions or concerns about pricing or terms, contact Roche Customer Service (800-428-5076) before you begin transacting electronically.

Delivery Date
Roche's standard delivery default is five (5) business days on all orders received without a Requested Delivery Date. Although this is our standard, we strive to accommodate any delivery date request we receive. If your order requires delivery in a shorter time frame, Roche is willing to accommodate the Requested Delivery Date sent on the order. Please contact Roche Electronic Commerce Support Desk ( or 800-428-5076) for assistance.

Restricted Use Only (RUO)
If your organization orders restricted use only (RUO) products, the order MUST ship to the address defined in Roche's system as per the terms of the agreement in order to comply with federal mandates.

Reserved Lots
If your organization has a reserved lot established for an account number, when you order specific products the reserved lot is pulled for shipment. When the reserved lot is depleted, the electronic order goes to workflow for manual intervention and another reserved lot is assigned. This only occurs on occasion, but may cause a delay in receiving an order confirmation.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Roche encourages EFT for payment. To learn more about how to establish EFT payments with Roche visit the EFT page.

Occasionally electronic orders require manual intervention before processing, Roche refers to the manual intervention as "workflow". Workflow occurs for numerous reasons, but is most often due to invalid product ids, unit of measure discrepancies, etc. If an electronic order is routed to Workflow the order confirmation could be delayed.

Transmission Turnaround Time
Roche strives to return your o rder confirmations within 2 hours, but workflow (described above) and general transmission times can cause delays with order confirmations and other transactions. If transacting via GHX, please recognize that several hand-offs are involved depending on your relationship and your possible involvement with buying groups.

Standing Orders/Scheduled Agreements
If your organization has a standing order established for an account number, then any order received electronically for that account number is assumed to be IN ADDITION TO the standing order or scheduled agreement. No changes can be made to standing orders or scheduled agreements via EDI. All changes to standing orders must be phoned or faxed.

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GPO Members

Here you will find a list of several Group Purchasing Organizations (GPOs). If you are part of a GPO and interested in transacting via EDI, locate the GPO you are most associated with for contact information.

Roche Diagnostics also offeers the ability to connect directly. Please contact our Support Desk to learn more.

GPO Contact Info

Primary Contact
Contact Name: Broadlane Support
Phone: (888) 888-8866

Secondary Contact
Contact Name: GHX Support
Phone: 720-887-7000


Primary Contact
Contact Name: GHX Support
Phone: 720-887-7000


Primary Contact
Contact Name: GHX Support
Phone: 720-887-7000

Other Please contact your GPO account manager.

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