cobas® p 480 instrument

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Automated sample handling increases efficiency while reducing repetitive tasks

The cobas p 480 instrument reduces hands-on time and offers a fast, reliable way to manage sample caps while eliminating repetitive motions that can cause injury.

  • General-purpose, stand-alone instrument for automated sample handling
  • Up to 94 specimens per run processed in less than 30 minutes


Automated uncapping of mixed samples

  • cobas® PCR Media tubes
  • SurePath™ containers
  • PreservCyt® containers

Automated recapping

  • cobas® PCR Media tubes
  • SurePath™ containers

Standardized sample handling

  • Automated barcode check and alignment
  • Automated mixing produces consistent homogeneity
  • Precision movement reduces the risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimizes the potential for human error

Increases laboratory efficiency

  • Simple, user-friendly operation
  • Processes multiple sample types simultaneously
  • Offers the flexibility to support a variety of throughput requirements
  • High-throughput operation allows a single instrument to support more than one analytic system
  • No LIS or data connection required

Replacement caps* ensure a quality seal

  • Protect recapped samples for transport, storage or other testing needs
  • Better seal integrity compared to parafilm or cellophane over pierced or open samples
  • Packaged for easy loading and automated recapping

*PreserveCyt® caps are unavailable at this time.

  cobas p 480 instrument

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Width 65.55 in. with waste hatch closed
76.18 in. with waste hatch open
Depth 39.76 in. with autoload tray
47.2 in. with carriers on autoload tray
Height 35.6 in.
Weight 397 lbs.
Electrical Power Requirements Line Voltage: 115 VAC (-15%) to 230 VAC (+10%)
Frequency: 50 or 60 Hz (+ 5 Hz)
Power Consumption: Max. 600 VA
Noise <65 dBA
Throughput 1-96 containers per run
Container types PreservCyt® containers, SurePath™ containers, cobas® PCR Media tubes (or round-bottom tube with screw cap from Sarstedt)
Operating System Windows 7

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